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It's not what you say, it is how you say it.

Presentr is the first and only software that provides real-time feedback and quantitative measurement on your communication skills.

We've captured the experience of working one-on-one with a coach and now you can practice your skills anywhere and at any time.  Presentr features detailed analytics and multiple feedback channels, including on-screen coaching and video playback. Users can practice their presentations and receive instant, detailed, feedback on their body language, eye contact and vocal elements such as volume, pace and use of filler words. All this feedback is provided in a way to help you continue to improve. This dynamic new approach to learning and mastering presentation skills will transform users and their approach to communication, improving their lives personally and professionally.


How can you use Presentr?

In the Workplace


Software Licenses

Presentr, when used as a development tool, helps build confidence and competence. Users can practice specific presentations and get feedback on their delivery skills. They can also hone in on specific aspects of their delivery through practice modules. Analytics track progress and offer ways to share results with managers.

Train the Trainer

Presentr helps instructors refine their skills and practice their delivery of their training content. In addition, Presentr offers training managers a solution for monitoring and evaluating the performance of members of their team.

Integration with Live Instruction

Presentr takes live training of communication skills to a new level. No more video taping participants and formatting files for sharing and playback. Presentr allows trainers to create a higher level of engagement with their participants by integrating the software into the training program. Participants will receive dynamic videos with scoring that helps to reinforce learning after the training program has ended.

Coaching for Non-Coaches

Managers are often required to provide feedback on the communication and presentation skills of their employees yet they are typically not equipped with the skills to offer effective coaching. With Presentr, novices can be turned into expert coaches, utilizing the feedback provided by the software as a resource.


For Meetings & Events

Speaker Prep

Meeting and event planners can utilize Presentr as a speaker prep tool for their presenters. Speakers can rehearse their presentations onsite and receive real-time feedback to help them refine their delivery and messaging. No need for live coaches as Presentr provides feedback on the presentation to help speakers self-manage their preparation.

Presentr™  at Events

Want to add a fun feature to your next event? Set up a Speaker Coaching Station to allow attendees to get some quick and fun coaching on their speaking skills. Everyone needs to present themselves in their personal and professional lives and the Speaker Coaching Station offers a fun and interactive way to test your skills and gain an understanding of how you might be able to refine how you present yourself.


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